I created this site to share everything I love, kawaii or scary drawings.
The 80s, liminal space, music, video games.
This site is like my brain: a mess.
Zero organization, just click and see!
Good luck :D

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Let's to play with my memory Game !

You can play here to Memory Card ! I use Javascript for made this mini game

Hi Hamtaro !

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This website is

Another worlds

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made in 80

January 2024

✨ Happy New Year !✨

I've decided to completely redesign my site, I didn't feel like creating for a long time.
I feel like drawing again, taking photos, making videos, having fun with artificial intelligence.
This site is my laboratory.
I'm launching several projects at the same time and I'm running out of time ^^ .
But there's no hurry, I'll share what I'm doing at my own pace.
I hope you'll enjoy visiting my site and seeing my creations :)

Museum is Close for the moment

Coming Soon you can explore "The Museum" for see extraordinary picture of Past and Futur !

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